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Miranda Fave

A Fan Art Challenge Announcement!


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A while back, trekfan suggested the possibility of an art challenge. Now not everyone has great art skills and lots of us use different mediums and like to tinker at different types of art and end products. Also, I think it is fair to say something like this can be time consuming enough and as all art is subjective there's no real way to judge any competition other than to run a poll much like the fiction challenges. We'd keep the art challenge fairly informal, no set date for each new one to begin etc no hassle for any mods to keep track of it but run the challenge for a period of a moth say and then open up to a poll for an added bit of fun. No prizes  just a great big pat on the back and a round of applause. [Well we could create a wall of fame bunker for the winning submission and the winner could come up with the new theme].

Here's my idea: We throw out a 'fun' competition for you all to consider participating in. We run the challenge on the basis of a theme, whether Trek related or left of field, and ask for some submissions. The submissions can be anything - drawings,photo-manipulations, photoshop creations, etc; the end result can be a picture, a 'book cover', a 'screencap' from a scene in a story, an icon or avatar, banners, ads, whatever. So long as it is art and of course meets with the boards T.o.S. in good taste and of course everything is entered in the spirit of fun and further fostering the collective creative buzz here.

So you guys ready to make some art?  ;D

If so! Go here for our very first challenge thread!

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Cool idea!  ;D  With all the budding and established artists on this site, it's about time we had something like this.  Cool first theme, too.  Nice and wide-open for interpretation.  I can't wait to see what people come up with!

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Great idea!

The challenges could also include ship design, a crew patch, concept sketches like a character, a ship, a bridge or phaser.

And it doesnt ahve to be limited to to Starfleet feddy stuff. What would a Klingon or Orion apartment or house look like?

I am also digging the idea of any media...form sketches to paintings to digital media.

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